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Not powerless over alcohol

I’ve been sober for 5 days now and it has been quite an experience. A few months ago I was in a rehab where they told us that we alcoholics were powerless over alcohol and that it was impossible for us to give up our addiction without professional help. I guess I have proved them wrong. I am not powerless.

I do not agree with the 12 step AA program, because the first step states that as alcoholics we need to admit that we are powerless over alcohol. It says that we have to surrender ourselves to a higher power and the higher power will save us.

I think that every one of us has what it takes to give up alcohol. We just need to believe in ourselves and our ability to overcome our addiction. As soon as we admit that we are powerless we betray ourselves. We destroy our ability to resist the temptation.

I have overcome alcohol for a few days now and I am determined not to sink back into it’s clutches ever again. I will drink socially. A drink orĀ  two at the maximum. Never again will I drink like I uses to – one bottle every night.