Day 21 – three weeks dry

The counter widget on my phone home screen shows me that today is day 21. Things are okay. I still get cravings. But I have been taking medication.

I have been to so many doctors. I told my wife that I needed help. The anxiety was too much. We tried to remember which medication worked best before. Web just dug up the prescription and she went and got the medicines for me.

The medicines seen to been working. My anxiety levels are manageable. I am smoking weed too. That is helping too. I smoked a lot of weed the last week. And I had some cannabutter too, which a friend gave me.

I don not know which one it is. The medicines, the weed or the cannabutter, but it is working. I am on day 21.

I have given up on booze so many times. Too many times to count. Usually I do not get past day 6 or 7. Day 21 is big for me. Three while weeks. I need to celebrate.

But how do I know to celebrate except by getting drunk 😂


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