First day over & the second is starting

It’s 1:22 am now and my first day of sobriety is well and truly over. It was difficult but I know that it is going to get worse before it gets any better. The hardest part of staying sober is the first few weeks.

I feel irritated at almost everything. I am surly and impatient. I fly into an irrational rage at the slightest provocation. And every time this happens my mind sneakily pushes me to go to a wine shop and buy myself a bottle of whisky to stop these feelings.

If I listen to my cravings and get drunk I know I will just have to start again all over again one day. It would be so easy to have a drink but it will be so difficult to stay this process all over again. I just have to hold on. Maybe this time things will be different.

I am going to sleep now. Tomorrow is another day.

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