Monthly Archives: August 2014

Survived the 3rd evening with the help of weed

I did it. I survived the 3rd day without drinking. Or rather the evening. It’s usually the evenings which are worse. The craving for alcohol is very strong in the evenings.
I have been smoking weed for the past few days. In fact weed helps to take the edge off. Got to control my consumption or I’ll end up being addicted to weed too.
Some people will tell you that weed isn’t addictive, but don’t believe them. It is. In fact it is my substance of choice. Alcohol is just a poor substitute.
What am I getting myself into. Off alcohol and into weed? Or both after a while. That’s how it usually goes.


Relapse & on day 3 again

This is getting repetitive. I relapse for a few days and then I count days of sobriety. So far the count has not gone too high. Somehow or the other I trick myself into drinking again.
This time the relapse was really bad. I did some things that I never should have done. I don’t want to talk about it now. Maybe I will be ready later.
So here I am. On day 3 of sobriety. Each time I have a thought of alcohol, I feel my mind pushing me to go out and get a bottle. Sometimes the craving is very strong. When I am angry or happy or in some emotional mood, I can’t control myself. Again I relapse.
Here I am at day 3. I hope this time it lasts. I don’t want to go on like this anymore.