Time to give up

Last night I got drunk again. Couldn’t stop myself. Gave in to temptation. Tonight I won’t drink and I won’t smoke weed. Or at least, I’ll try not to.

I had a big fight today morning with my mother. It was just a small matter. But I was having a hangover and I blew up. I went ballistic.  Later after some time and after a joint, I cooled down. Then came regret like it always does.

This weed and alcohol addiction is killing my soul. It’s killing the people around me. I have to give it up. Just smoked my last joint as I am writing it. I want it to be my last joint and I want leave the memory of it’s high on this blog post. Immortalize the memory of my last joint.

I have decided to give up alcohol and weed. I will try to avoid the temptation. I will focus on my life, turn it back around. For me and the people around me. I need a second chance. I need to get out of this fucked up addiction.

I have lost everything in terms of my career. I can either go on like this and get more screwed up, or I can give up this addiction and get some of it back. No choice really.

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