Smoking weed avoiding alcohol

I am substituting my addiction. I have started smoking weed. I am trying to give up alcohol. All adicts try this or something similar to this. We try to substitute our prefered substance with some other intoxicant.

One good thing is that weed does not make me as crazy as Alcohol does and it’s not as depressing. It does make me lazy and unsociable, but then I’ve always been a little lazy and unsociable.

Weed does make me irritable, like Alcohol does, but the intensity is less. I am not as bad tempered as I am when I have a hangover.

The problem with weed is that it is socially unacceptable. It is considered a narcotic drug. It is also very detectable. The smell is very unique and many people can identify it by the smell alone.

Anyway I am substituting full time now. I am not drinking but I am smoking. Let’s see how that goes for me.


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