Avoiding alcohol

I am an alcoholic. Although a large part of me denies this fact, it is true. There is no use denying this fact. I am an alcoholic and I’ll always be one.

Nowadays I avoid going out as much as possible. The urge to visit a winestore and buying alcohol is too great. I won’t be able to resist it. My mind will give justifications and arguments on how being drunk one more night is okay. If I go to the winestore and buy a bottle, I know I am going to finish the bottle, skip dinner and probably blackout. If I don’t blackout I will sleep like a log and get up late next morning with a hangover. As soon as I wake up, one of the first thoughts in my mind will be how this was the last time I would ever drink.

So I avoid going out as much as possible. But this is really hard. Can’t get ahead in life if I hang around at home all day. I have to find a way to go out and avoid the temptation. Maybe I’ll just avoid places where there are wineshops.


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