Am I a sociopath

I sometimes wonder – am I a sociopath? I know that I am emotionally handicapped. I do not feel like others feel. I do not love anyone but myself. I am self obsessed and I take pleasure in other’s pain. All the hallmarks of a sociopath.

So what keeps me from going out at night and killing people. Being a serial killer. I think the only thing keeping me from the brink is cowardice. I am a coward too. I do not want to let go of what I have. My comfortable existance. I am too afraid if getting caught.

But the question is, would I really regret it if I killed someone. If I murder someone in cold blood,  would I feel remorse.  Would I feel guilty. I guess this question can never be answered.  I will know only when I come across that situation. But my heart tells me that there will be no remorse,  no guilt. Instead it will turn me on. It will be a rebirth of the real me. I will understand who I am.

Maybe one day, I will take that leap from an average existance to the dark side. Maybe I will find the courage to explore my true instincts. Maybe that day will come soon.


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