Substituting Alcohol for Weed

I was in a rehab recently where they said that I am an addict. An alcoholic. They also told us that all adicts try to substitute their substance of choice with other intoxicants. I guess I am doing that. I am substituting.

I have started smoking weed for the past week or so. I bought some weed last weekend. Initially I was interested in weed because I thought it was cheap. But it isn’t. I remember buying weed 7 or 8 years ago. Prices have increased 600% in these years.

Maybe I am substituting and eventually I will just be trading one addiction for another. I know it’s true. I am an addict. There’s no doubt about that.

Will I be gaining anything by trading alcoholism for a weed addiction? I don’t think so. Soon I will be mixing my booze with weed.

I will need to give up alcohol and weed. Both of them. Unfortunately being in this place and weed being so easily available, I think it will be more difficult to get off weed. If it was not available and I did not have any place to buy it, I would not have a choice. But now since I know where I can go and buy it, giving up will be harder.

I like smoking weed. Much better than drinking alcohol. Drinking has so many side effects. Like hangovers and bad moods. At least weed does not have hangovers.

As for the anger and the irritability, I think that is part of my addiction. I need to understand my anger and control it. Until I take care of the anger, I will not be able to control my addiction.


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